The Borscht Film Festival is a quasi-yearly event held at iconic Miami venues that commissions, produces, and showcases work by emerging regional filmmakers. We think our city is more interesting than the way it is usually depicted in movies, so we make our own films that tell unique Miami stories, then throw a five day extravaganza that is equal parts film festival, performance art, social experiment, gonzo cultural summit, and party to exhibit them. Many of the same people who make the films design the festival around them, reimagining the organization and program from the ground up with each iteration.

Our festival functions as a tentpole event for Borscht’s greater initiatives as a nonprofit with the simple mission to redefine cinema in Miami. We aim to empower Miami’s nascent filmmaking community with a much-needed infrastructure and access to proper equipment while solidifying a new model for cultivating talent outside of film school and connecting storytellers to opportunities on larger platforms via nontraditional development pipelines. Through our film festival, commissions, film productions, transmedia projects, and idiosyncratic events throughout the year, we reclaim control of our city’s myth-making and challenge stereotypically insipid depictions of Miami in the mainstream media.

Founded by members of the generation that came of age with our infant metropolis, Borscht hopes to articulate the voices of the New Miami and its idiosyncratic culture, providing a global stage for underrepresented (often female, Latin American, African- American, and Afro-Caribbean) identities in film.

The Borscht Film Festival and Borscht Corporation are made possible through support from the John S. and James L Knight Foundation, Time Warner Inc., Cinereach, and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.